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Internet Security Fundamentals eBook

Internet Security Fundamentals

Level: Beginner to Intermediate - eBook (updated monthly - current edition June 2020)

Author: nick ioannou

Antivirus software is now incredibly advanced, yet every day thousands of people fall for email phishing scams and are tricked into installing malware, the same way that a sophisticated alarm system and door security is not much use if you open the door to let a criminal in.


With 46 chapters split into 'Stuff you need to know' and 'Things you need to do', this illustrated 196 page eBook explains why you cannot just rely on technology, due to the various scams and tricks used by cyber criminals. It is an easy to understand guide of the most commonly faced security threats any user is likely to come across via email, social media and online shopping. Because now, one wrong click can cost you a lot of money and inconvenience. 


Also includes free monthly updates with new content as the threats evolve. Please note, this book is aimed at everyday users, it is not aimed at people studying professional security certifications like CISSP. 

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Please note issuhub is not the updated July edition 


'Unlike similar books, the author has ensured that Internet Security Fundamentals provides the reader with statistics drawn from recently released publications and reports, which greatly reflects the current situation that users are facing.'

Infosecurity Magazine


'a very useful, comprehensive, informative eBook. It's especially useful for a typical computer user who has limited knowledge of what can and will go wrong on the internet'



'found it very comprehensive and accurate'

Peter Wood

CEO @ First Base Technologies LLP


'well written with great real-time examples and gives the user concrete actions what to do and not to do'


Consultant @ Arclight

A Practical Guide to Cyber Security for Small Businesses

A Practical Guide to Cyber Security for Small Businesses

Level: Beginner to Intermediate - eBook

Author: nick ioannou

Cybercrime is a massive 21st century problem and small businesses face a huge hurdle to effectively protect themselves and their customers, compared to larger firms. Budgets are tight and not fully understanding the risks means that gaps can easily be left. This practical guide acts like a pocket cyber security consultant, helping you build a layered cyber security strategy using a mixture of free and paid for services. Just because you are a small business, it doesn’t mean you need to be a victim of cybercrime.


Also you can watch the free 19 minute companion video to this book at: and the Cybertalks presentation from the Data Protection World Forum at:


For the interview about my book:

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Available as a Kindle eBook, PDF, paperback and audiobook.


'A trove of tips and tricks for securing a small firm on a budget'


Internet Security Fundamentals eBook

Conquer the Web: The Ultimate Cybersecurity Guide

Level: Beginner to Intermediate - Paperback or eBook

Authors: tim mitchell, maureen kendal, nick ioannou, nick wilding

Edited by Jonathon Reuvid

This is the ultimate guide to protect your data on the web. From passwords to opening emails, everyone knows what they should do but do you do it? 


Tons of malicious content floods the internet which can compromise your system and your device, be it your laptop, tablet or phone. How often do you make payments online? How often do you sit at a coffee shop and log onto their free WIFI? How often do you use social media on the train or bus? If you believe using an antivirus software will keep you safe . . . you are wrong.


This book will guide you and provide solutions to avoid common mistakes and to combat cyber attacks, covering areas such as: Building resilience into our IT Lifestyle, Online Identity, Cyber Abuse: Scenarios and Stories, Protecting Devices, Download and share, Gaming, gamble and travel, Copycat websites, Banking, apps and Passwords. 


'Overall, Conquer The Web - The Ultimate Cybersecurity Guide provides excellent advice throughout its chapters that anyone can follow and easily put into place.'

Infosecurity Magazine